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It's Time to Elevate
Our Price: $14.00

ARE YOU READY TO SOAR? You are a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s own special people. Are you walking and operating on the level of kingdom royalty as a child of God? If not, it’s time to step up a notch, elevate and move forward. The power to move into a higher spiritual state lives in you as a child of God. In this stimulating CD series, Richelle Williams-Wright teaches you to command your elevation to take place through the power of Jesus that lives in you through the Holy Spirit. Expect to go to a new level in the presence of God. Learn some of the key elements needed to move into elevation. Get this series and discover the importance of a clean heart, a right spirit, the spirit of love and more. You are a royal priesthood; operate on your level of royalty in Christ. Renew your spirit and ELEVATE!

The A+ Anointing
Our Price: $21.00

ARE YOU AN A+ STUDENT? Are you attending class regularly, listening to the teacher, studying at home and applying what you learned to your life? In this series, discover that we are students; disciples of the Lord Most High! Learn all about walking in the A+ anointing and operating in a spirit of excellence. As disciples of Christ, the excellency of the power of Christ is in us. Walking in this A+ Anointing causes you to excel in all areas of life. This teaching reveals that in order to walk in the A+ Anointing you must walk in the will of God, mortify the deeds of the flesh daily and obey His Word. The A+ Anointing is all about having a willing and obedient attitude. What kind of student will you be? Get this three-CD series and discover what it takes to walk in the A+ Anointing.

The Formula Success
Our Price: $21.00

DOING IT GOD’S WAY EVERYDAY! Are you following the recipe for a successful, blessed life in Christ? Do you follow the guidelines given in His Word? This resourceful series teaches us how to access our rights and privileges in the Kingdom of God everyday by following God’s plan and way of doing things. Find out that God has already laid out the foundation to follow in His Word. Discover and understand that you are already blessed and why. This 3-part package smartly presents and informs us of the beatitudes pronouncements of blessings and their importance. You will learn that complaining is not a part of the formula for walking in the blessing. Experience victorious living; trust, follow and pursue God’s Word. Order the series today!
I Wear an "S" on my Chest
Our Price: $21.00

HOW DO YOU REPRESENT CHRIST? As Christians, we are Ambassadors for Christ in this earth realm. Do you represent Him in a weak manner, or are you conducting yourself as a strong representative? This powerful CD series is all about conduct and representation. A strong representative can easily identify what is Godly and what isn’t. It teaches us that we must live and operate in the Spirit of God, living holy, sacrificially and living to please Him. This informative teaching reveals that being spiritual and sound leads you to be sold out for God, surrendering all to Him and living out His purpose for your life. A strong representative executes the Word of God daily. Are you ready to move beyond the carnal mindset, and become spiritual minded? Allow the Spirit of God that resides in you to shine through. Be a strong representative; get this package and let your life reflect the fruit of the Spirit and the power of God.